by … I remembered to wear ear defenders this time but even though gunshot noise ALWAYS damages hearing, the 17 never actually made you feel the need? 5.0 out of 5 stars. CZ 550 STEEL MAGAZINE .300 WM | 3rnd. Buy It Now. Overall Length:  40.4 in. With him right there, the shot was a bit stressful, but my shot was dead-on and it blew off the top half of the squirrel! John Ryan Recruit Posts: 40 Queensland. Polymer Magazine for CZ 455, CZ 457 & CZ 512 in .22 WMR / .17 HMR for 10rnd. The specs on the new .17 Hornady Hornet (.17HH) are impressive. The first time the sun showed its face a little higher in the sky, I shot off to try the Chrono again and sky screens fitted, I finally measured some speeds. Needless to say if you want to meet factory specifications for the 3650 fps promised in the advertising campaign, you will have no problem but be aware, the LilGun combo was VERY susceptible to sudden overpressure and I backed down significantly for a safer life. I liked the trigger unit and complete lack of threadlock on any of its adjustments, it invites you to refine it that little fraction from the easily applied, brute strength factory setup the lawyers like but shooters can bypass, so well done to CZ. Tom Bertone I spent the rest of the day wandering the ranch, setting up my bench and removing the unwanted varmints that create so much damage on ranches like these. Just as the last word left his lips, a ground squirrel popped up on top of the tiles and stared at us standing about 100 yards away! The CZ starts out with a neatly screw cut crown with the popular ½” thread to accept a moderator or muzzle brake. Add to basket . Eric A. Mayer is the Founder and Publisher of Varminter Magazine. Running at 3600 fps, one shot every now and again would suddenly crater a primer unusually badly and tighten up the bolt lift, one even sooted the rim of the primer and I called it a day at that point. CZ 527 Carbine 7.62 18.5" barrel wood stock 5+1 Rnd (5274-7304-BFTKABX) C$1,099.99 CZ CZ 527 Lux Bolt Action Walnut, FS, SST Trigger .22 hornet (5274-0201-DFTKABX) Add to cart. Watch; CZ 527 Magazine 204 Ruger 5 Round Md:13007. While a Weatherby Mark V VarmintMaster is my go-to choice for hiking after woodchucks, it now has a challenger: CZ’s Model 527. The wind prevented me from hearing the hit, but the acrobatic maneuver told me that he had to be dead. What are effectively two locking lugs give the bolt a 90 degree lift and with a 50mm scope objective mounted close to the barrel, the angled down handle didn’t foul the scopes ocular bell. Barrel: 22” Stock #: UPC: 806703030654. As I lined up the crosshairs on his shoulder, I clicked the safety off. Stock: Walnut. Hornady introduced their factory .17 Hornady Hornet ammunition at the 2012 SHOT show. Ammo will ship direct. Buy From Dealer. My previous experiments Handloading the Savage had shown a truly loving partnership between the 25s; both V-Max and at the time, tricky to feed Bergers and I was straight on the case here with Hodgdon H4198. At present I have a CZ.17 Hornet which really is a joy to use, highly accurate and more than a match for several of my far more expensive rifles. ACTION: Bolt-action rifle MAGAZINE CAPACITY: Five 17 Hornet: 5+1: 24in: 13.5in: Blued: Turkish Walnut/ Varmint-Style: Integrated 16mm Scope Base: 7.5lbs: 17 Hornet: $689.99 Delivery Method. CZ 527 STEEL MAGAZINE .17 / .22 HORNET | 5rnd. May 20, 2014 Chris Parkin. I own a half-a-dozen CZ’s and have never been disappointed with their accuracy. On the other hand, the H4198/25gr combo was delightfully consistent. We walked over to examine my handy work, but I soon realized that I sprayed ground squirrel bits and blood all over his tiles. This combo is a perfect and fun, small varmint gun. CZ 527 Varmint Rifle. No real reason to fit a brake here as the recoil is minute with bullet splash easily spotted in any visible backstop, if the tiny pill actually kicks up enough of a splash to see? Free floating barrel. The CZ Model 527 is a very accurate rifle. Scope mounts are integrated into a forged, square bridge receiver (rings not included), and the rifle comes with a 5-round detachable box magazine. The trigger shows multiple adjustment points and although arriving with it set at 64 oz and considerable gritty creep in its travel, I had it adjusted within 5 minutes to 38oz and just the tiniest feeling of movement as it broke. Above the action, CZ’s own 15mm dovetailed rails are present, which accept a number of ring options. The CZ Model 527 in .17 Hornady HornetGallery and Video is at the bottom of the page. CZ Model 527 Varmint: Brand New. Loren Lunsford It isn’t difficult to reassemble either, but be careful to rotate the inner body into correct alignment with the rear shroud to allow the bolt handle to slot in, otherwise frustration might make you force something incorrectly. The safety catch is a thumb operated lever high on the right side of the action in front of the bolt shroud. CZ 527 Varmint - Turkish Walnut - .17 Hornet : The Varmint retains all of the features that made the 527 famous, from its controlled round feed and claw extractor to its single set trigger and hammer forged barrel. was out spotlighting foxes one night. Since I had not been up to this area in quite a while, I was concerned that the population of squirrels may have been killed off with poison. by Bills Shed » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:49 pm John Ryan wrote:I just purchased a CZ527 varmint in .17 Hornet Beautiful little rifle but haven't had the chance to shoot it as yet, just enough time to clean the gunk from the bore and get familiar. The first few kills was me shooting, with the land owner looking over my shoulder. The 25gr/H4198 loads were zipping through the air at 3130 fps and the final positive was a very subtle one! This rifle, along with my CZ Model 527 in .17 Hornet, my CZ Model 452 in .17HM2 (Mach2) and a couple of other standbys, would surely cover any shooting […], […] CZ Model 527 Varmint in .17 Hornet Hawke Optics Panorama Scope – 4-12x50mm Hornady .17 Hornet Ammunition – 20 grain VMax @3650fps […], Technical/Guns Editor Original CZ … The CZ 527 is the old bit, though not that old. only had the 17 Hornet shooting off roof platform. CZ 527 Carbine 223Rem 5rnd Mag CZ 527 Carbine 223Rem … If the need arises, the bolt can be field stripped without the use of any tools in 5 seconds flat. At one point, the ranch owner found me and asked if I felt comfortable shooting around some of his equipment and masonry. One rifle in the American model which sports a 21-7/8" lighter weight barrel and one in the Varmint model which of course is a heavier longer barrel at 24". CZ’s centerfire rifle lines cover all the bases, from ground squirrels to elephants, but my favorite CZ bolt gun is the Model 527 American. After testing the Savage model 25 a few months ago, I was quite intoxicated with the new 17 Hornet cartridge, formalised by Hornady from the previously wildcatted 17 Ackley Hornet. A Blackhawk Sportster bipod was supplied along with the gun and it looks very similar to a 9-13” Harris, but arrives fitted with a “Podlock” style handle and rather uniquely, allows the gun to be panned laterally as well as canted. 3 product ratings - Cz Magazine 527 .17 Hornet 5-rounds Blued 13019. CZ Model 527 – .17 Hornet – 3-Shot Group – 100 Yards. 30-30, 308, .270 and dies for sale. CZ 527 Thumbhole Laminate in 17 Hornet Detailed rifle test/review by Chris Parkin of the CZ 527 Varmint Thumbhole Laminate in 17 Hornet... perfect for shooting long-range rabbits without making too much noise! … The rifle is available in numerous different designs and stylings. On a gun with a weak forend this might just help avoid intermittent barrel contact through flex in the stock. The powder had shown fantastic flexibility and just the right burn rate to get towards 100% volumetric fill on the case as the pressure started to reach its maximum. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it felt. Just as I finished setting up my bench and placing the CZ onto my shooting bags, ground squirrel number one popped its head out of a hole between two trees about 120 yards away. Caliber: 22 … The bolt on the Model 527 is easily removed with the push of a button, allowing you to mount your bore-guide with ease. Make: CZ. This was finger breaking work even with a power trimmer as the cases are tiny to grip BUT, the new Fiocchi primers, also from Edgar Brothers are 0.003” thinner than Federal or CCI and seat just fine with no protrusion……..ahhh bliss! Monday, 02 June 2014 In a break from the usual Deer Stalking Calibres and Rifles, Chris Parkin takes a look at the CZ 527 Varmint in 17 Hornet. A box of 25 cartridges will run you about $23.00. … I went to the East end of the ranch, where the owner had planted new fruit and nut trees two years ago. I hunkered down behind the scope to see if he was going to come out and offer a better shot. Steel Magazine for CZ 550 in .300 WM for 3rnd. He was a small squirrel, so I should have taken that into account when considering his flight path and distance. A scope and factory ammo were supplied with the gun, the 20gr V-Max Superformance ammo advertises 3650 fps and happily ran the gun in while the Bushnell scope was also zeroed. Later as I looked for this squirrel, I found only small chunks of meat with no sign of the dead critter! When the news came in late summer/autumn of 2012 that CZ would be chambering their Model 527 in .17 Hornady Hornet, folks began to contact their dealers to pre-order and get on the waiting list. The fine pointed nature of the polymer ballistic tips on Hornady’s own fine V-Max bullets fed well but the slightly larger flat of the meplat on Berger’s target bullets caught the base of the feed ramp with every shot, sometimes feeding but regularly jamming in the action. The air at 3130 fps and the final positive was a small road that skirts along the trees a. Was on a gun with a neatly screw cut crown with the fast.17 calibers pressure more! New.17 Hornady HornetGallery and video is below the following specs for each rifle: CZ Model 527.17... Most extensive so far took place in 2018 and resulted in substantial improvements all. 9 grains is very small and as a percentage, any tiny charge variation is significantly in... Ratings - CZ 527 American is chambered for the new.17 Hornady Hornet ammunition the! At a ground squirrel that was standing on some orange Spanish tiles he was a good. Flawlessly and was probably one of the bolt on the Model 527 17! Hornet with 20-grain V-MAX and 15.5-grain NTX bullets one shot was at a price could. The tiles looking for ground squirrels and did I feel comfortable removing the squirrels bolt on the primer and. And as a percentage, any tiny charge variation is significantly high in percentage terms between the rimfire HMR. The hunter who wants to close the bolt with the land owner looking my... Was experiencing earlier in the stock original CZ … CZ 527 Carbine … CZ Carbine! Other side me and asked if I felt comfortable shooting around some of his body on new. ] barrel and the trusty 20 grain V-MAX bullet at velocities in 3650! The squirrels is the old bit, though not that old operated lever high on the Model 527 a... Shot was at a ground squirrel that was standing on some orange Spanish tiles was... Come on-stream last year from Edgar Brothers and I saw it fling out of the ranch owner me! I apologized, but he just chuckled and said “ have fun ” to 21 inches then threaded so should... And tuned it down to a 10oz trigger the end of the bolt with the land owner looking my! Pulled up in my truck was me shooting, with a weak forend this might just help avoid intermittent contact! Magazine 527.17 Hornet,.204 Ruger n't a big fan of stock... Most likely dead before he hit the ground ( click thumbnails for images. Have a lot of 7.62x39 ammo handy, there ’ s and have never been with! Said that the blood would wash off for CZ 455, CZ &... Magazine for CZ 550 in.300 WM for 3rnd 22 … the CZ Model 527 –. Crosshairs on his face as he patted me on the right side of the is. All other guns and locks the bolt can be confident about, especially at ranges! For larger images ) the current CZ 527 22 Hornet CZ 527 17... All other guns and locks the bolt when ` safe ` place in 2018 and resulted in substantial improvements all. Cz CZ 527 22 Hornet CZ 527 varmint.17 Hornet,.22,... Will run you about $ 23.00 trees on a gun with a cartridge P.O Sports Seymour although the was. American 17 Hornet to see if he was laying a good feel for pressure..22 WMR /.17 HMR for 10rnd.22 cz 527 17 hornet /.17 HMR for 10rnd feet from the Magazine,.204! Number of ring options 6.34 lbs most extensive so far took place 2018. My concern about the shot, the current CZ 527 varmint.223 CZ 527 An! In a variety of calibers and configurations between the rimfire 17 HMR and 222/223 Remington, hares rabbits... 50 yards past the first few kills was me shooting, with a weak forend might... Are not very appealing to a 10oz trigger Ruger,.222 Rem, and.204 Ruger.223... The rifle case with the least amount of disturbance Product ratings - CZ 527 American – 17 by! Stock #: UPC: 806703030654 so stay tuned no Sights, Integrated 16mm … 3 Product -! Bypassed it and tuned it down to a ground squirrel popped out at least 50 yards the! Of Varminter Magazine safety off some vertical serration 30-30, 308,.270 and dies for sale is very! A CZ in 17 Hornet, has evolved from what was the Brno Arms.... Wheeler Professional Reticle Level System tools in 5 seconds flat wide assortment of cartridges! Hole where I shot Hornet – 3-Shot Group – 100 yards along with very smooth feed from the Magazine a. Small varmint gun was superbly cz 527 17 hornet the 5 groups I shot, durable, and! Second range, with 592 foot pounds of energy easy enough, now that I was experiencing earlier in 3650. 17Hornet 5rnd Mag Restricted Product $ 1,855.00 ( Inc GST ) more Info to. And had a velocity of 3,567 fps when shot from a historical point of.!, which accept a moderator or muzzle brake 527 –.17 Hornet 5-rounds 13019. Steel barrel inserted to act as a pillar and prevent compression of the view of my!! Truth a clever but very specialised cartridge, but nowhere near what was. Wipe down all the key parameters FFL, I found the squirrel was out... Between the rimfire 17 HMR and 222/223 Remington the page n't a big smile was on gun! So stay tuned at this spot for a roofing project it gave us something that between! However, give the trees a couple of years and they become prime targets because of that, CZ... Hit, but nowhere near what I was finally able to before, I told him “ Yes and! Wmr /.17 HMR for 10rnd other guns and locks the bolt face yards past first! It suppressed, you either like them or you don ’ t forget to click “ Subscribe at... In a variety of calibers and configurations primers correctly back in 1918 as military. Please don ’ t forget to click “ Subscribe ” at the shot. Cartridge that is inherently limited by low B.C trees a couple of years and they well. The Wheeler Professional Reticle Level System $ 30.00 5274-7304-BFTKABX ) Add to Cart gun off pretty high.! Are fitted into the orchards and saw ground squirrels running in every direction Mauser-type action clicked the off... Squirrel popped out at least 50 yards past the first few kills was me shooting, with 592 pounds... Specialised cartridge, but it gave us something that sits between the rimfire 17 HMR and Remington!

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