Original title: Sciuscià. Directed by Vittorio De Sica. SHOESHINE (LADRI DI BICICLETTE, 1946) – REVIEW BY PAULINE KAEL. Synopsis: Rome, after WWII. At a track near the italian city, shoeshine boys are watching horses run. Classic, heartbreaking neo-realist drama of two shoeshine boys who struggle to survive in post-World War II Italy. July 7, 2017 Shoeshine, written by Cesare Zavattini, is a social protest film that rises above its purpose. "Shoeshine" is a classic of the Coming-of-Age genre of film. 1. renaissance, italy; 2. reformation and religious conflict; 3. catholic counter-reformation Ever. Download to watch Offline. Two From new directors to award-winners. Two of the boys Pasquale, an orphan, and Giuseppe, his younger friend are riding. Wherever you are. Beautiful, interesting, incredible movies — a new film every single day. Released in 1946, Shoeshine was one of the first films from the school of Italian neo-realism to attract broad international attention, even earning an honorary Oscar before the Academy created a category to honor foreign-language films. Shoeshine was also well received at the Cannes film festival. Unlike Rossellini’s picture or De Sica’s very own Bicycle Thieves, the neorealist formula in Shoeshine mostly drives the story, not much the film’s stylistic choices. Italian Neo-Realism is one of my favorite Era's of film because of movies like Shoeshine. The ending is just so heartbreaking to watch. Shoeshine is a touching, emotional and poignant film by the renowned director, Vittorio De Sica. There was not an Academy Awards classification for foreign films until 1956 !! Cast and crew credits for Shoeshine, 1946, directed by Vittorio De Sica, with Rinaldo Smordoni, Franco Interlenghi, Aniello Mele, at Turner Classic Movies renaissance and religious reformations. Stream Now. The film is also beautifully directed and shot to perfection. Start your free 7 day trial now. Shoeshine (Shoe-Shine) is a film directed by Vittorio de Sica with Franco Interlenghi, Rinaldo Smordoni, Annielo Mele, Bruno Ortenzi, .... Year: 1946. Watch truly great cinema. With no ads. This is an unbelievably tragic, realistic tale of consequences. Shoeshine was shot within the studio, had minimal footage of street life, and brims with expressionist cinematography (the suggestive use … Shoeshine has the distinction of being the very first film to win an Academy Award for best foreign film in 1946, when no Academy Awards for foreign films existed! With Rinaldo Smordoni, Franco Interlenghi, Annielo Mele, Bruno Ortensi. It's a perfectly plotted film, every character feels written to match their personality. Released in 1946 and set in post WWII Italy, its the story of two boys, best friends who earn money by shining the shoes of the American soldiers who occupy the city of Rome.

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