Because the cot sits pretty far off the ground (total height is 15 inches), you may hit the sloping walls of a dome-style tent. Your burning questions, your in-depth analysis into our selection process, and a lot more goodies are sitting right by for a look. There are a few important considerations when selecting a cot like the ComfortSmart Deluxe for camping. If you’re like most campers, we suggest opting for one of the air mats above rather than the RidgeRest. Like REI, Kelty has a major leg up on the competition in value, and their Tru.Comfort is case in point. Coleman’s SupportRest Double High is our top value-oriented air bed. So which one should you choose? These ratings are taking into account one fact: assuming you’re wearing appropriately warm attire underneath the bag. For only $24 extra, it’s pretty easy to justify the upgrade. It provides enough space for two people to sleep comfortably and even has a separated zipper at the bottom to let your feet breathe. Type: Air bedDimensions: 78 x 60 x 18 in. Teton’s pushing the envelope, and really trying to be your only sleeping bag for the rest of your life, so they threw their limited lifetime warranty right on here, guaranteeing your happiness, or your money back. Not all manufacturers provide the spec, but it's a helpful tool when available. The reason: a $30 jump in price, making it noticeably more expensive than the $179 REI Camp Dreamer above. BEST FOR: MINIMALIST FAST HIKES. We’re all about the great outdoors, and maximizing your comfort while you’re out there. It’s worth noting Therm-a-Rest offers a more budget-friendly design in their BaseCamp ($100), but its thinner 2-inch construction and single valve make it the less appealing option, in our opinion.See the Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap. The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag is a premium double sleeping bag, suitable for all seasons. Type: Air bedDimensions: 79 x 56 x 6 in. Opting for the insulated version gets you PrimaLoft synthetic fill bonded to the interior, which gives the Nemo mat a 3-season-friendly R-value of 3.3. You get a killer temperature rating of 35F, making it one of the best ratings on this list, while dually providing you with singular sleeves for maximum personal comfort. And for these conditions, it’s often a good idea to combine your inflatable mattress with a foam pad, not only for a boost in insulation, but also a level of security should your inflatable pad spring a leak. In comparing the two, the Therm-a-Rest is a tad thicker (by 0.25 in.) Stacked up against the REI Kingdom air beds above, the Coleman is the clear favorite for those on a budget—even adding the pump undercuts the standard Kingdom in price by around $60. $279.00 (91) 91 reviews with an average rating of 3.25 out of 5 stars. And the aforementioned $100 REI Camp Bed has a higher R-value (7.6) and makes only small sacrifices in sleeping comfort. Nemo’s Cosmo 3D Insulated pads, for instance, have a built-in pump at the foot-end of the pad that you inflate by pushing down with your feet. 8 oz.What we like: Cheap, decently comfortable, and durable.What we don’t: Slippery top fabric, less comfortable than the pads above. Overall comfort is where the Coleman falls short of even the budget-oriented Alps Mountaineering above. Why do we have the Kelty Tru.Comfort ranked here? DELAMINATION. We’ve found that the quality of the valves does vary by price, and budget pads like the Coleman Camp Pad have a flimsier plastic than premium options from REI or Therm-a-Rest, which impacts long-term durability. Best All-Around Car-Camping Pad. Below are the best camping mattresses and pads of 2020, ranging from versatile self-inflating mats and air pads to luxurious air beds and cots. You do get a bump in thickness compared to the REI Camp Bed above, which offers 2.5 inches of separation from the ground, although that mattress’s rectangular shape is roomier and it costs significantly less $100.See the Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI. Â. (LW)Weight: 2 lbs. Type: Self-inflating matDimensions: 72 x 20 x 1.75 in.Weight: 2 lbs. These are also fairly ideal for car campers, if that’s more your thing. The R-value of 3.6 translates to insulating you down to roughly 40 degrees, but it can go a bit lower if you layer up or bring along a separate sleeping bag. 14.7 oz.R-value: 8.1What we like: Extremely comfy and fits two sleepers.What we don’t: Very expensive and not as versatile as a one-person mat. We do understand the financial motivation to only purchase a single pad, and there are options that crossover nicely. If you’re thinking that you want more room, that’s the wrong reason to go with a double sleeping bag. Car camping really allows you to step up your sleeping comfort, and the REI Camp Dreamer XL is case in point. On the other hand, a cot like the Coleman is a great value at around $50. Some brands take the individual size of the occupants into consideration. Type: Self-inflating matDimensions: 77 x 25 x 3 in.Weight: 4 lbs. But the Tru.Comfort undercuts the Nemo by $40 (for the regular size), adds over an inch of thickness, and doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of performance. And if you’re trying to save some dough, air beds are friendlier for use at home for guests, especially if you choose a two-person queen-sized air bed. It’s also reasonably light at 2.5 pounds and packs down pretty small for a camping model (but the “Long” size here is still too bulky for backpacking). For some general guidelines regarding pad thickness, side sleeping puts a higher percentage of weight around the hips and shoulders, so a pad or air bed that’s 3 inches thick or more is advisable. If you’re planning to climb Everest, this Soulout Double Sleeping Bag probably isn’t going to cut it, but for your average camping trip, it’s absolutely perfect. Some are offered in the smaller 72-inch length, but many start at approximately 77 inches, and extend to 80 to 85 inches (the XXL version of the Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D is 80 x 30 inches). A camping mattress’ ability to insulate you from the cold ground is measured in R-value, and a higher number indicates better protection. A cot may stretch the definition of a sleeping mattress—considering it comes with a metal structure in addition to a sleeping platform—but it’s a viable and quite popular way of sleeping in a tent. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right camping stove. Air Mattresses At a whopping $349, it’s by far the most expensive pad to make our list. 10 oz. Even insulated models with synthetic or down-fill bonded to the interior can be rolled into a compact size, which makes storage and transport very easy. These pads … The biggest red flag with the Trailbreak is its 1.75-inch thickness, which is the thinnest on our list aside from the cheap Therm-a-Rest foam pad below. Air mats are easier: when finished, open the valve, release all the air, and keep it in a storage sack to avoid accidental punctures. For starters, the Kingdom is fairly large and bulky when packed and takes up a good deal of real estate in your vehicle. Although the thickness of the pad is a fairly standard 1.5 inches when inflated it actually feels much thicker. We expect a proper camping chair to not only fold up for easy transport, but to be comfortable... REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed ($149), See the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed, REI Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40 ($299), See the REI Kingdom Insulated Sleep System, Coleman SupportRest Double High Air Bed ($68), See the Coleman SupportRest Double High Air Bed, Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad with Pillow ($37). Durability - Nobody buys something without the intention of it lasting for a long time. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Â. In terms of its size, this is the widest sleeping pad on our list at 47” and is the only model on par with many hammock underquilts. Within the Therm-a-Rest lineup, the LuxuryMap is a decent value, but we think there are better options on the market. Dual purpose design can be used as two individual sleeping bags, Supplied with a set of two matching lightweight pillows, Thermally insulated, waterproof and rip resistant. And at $160, we appreciate the cost savings compared to pricier options from Exped, Therm-a-Rest, and others. 8 oz.R-value: 4.1What we like: A comfortable and versatile pad at a good price.What we don’t: Caught in between camping and backpacking categories. 13 oz.What we like: Budget-priced air bed.What we don’t: No pump included; a little less comfortable. But if your air bed mostly will be used at home and only taken camping on occasion, the Coleman SupportRest is a solid option at a considerable discount.See the Coleman SupportRest Double High Air Bed. Inflating these mats requires you to either blow air through a valve or use a pump. Although the quality of these sleeping pads determines the durability of such sleep pads, thus, be sure to select high quality sleep pads in order to get the durability you want and at the same time the best camping experience. But on the bright side, everything is nicely integrated and fits well. Exped is a leader in the camping mat market, and their new-for-2020 DeepSleep line hits a nice balance of warmth, packability, and price. When you’re crammed in there with another, your body heat will make up for the difference, though. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Self-Inflating Double... 2. Second, air beds don’t insulate you as well from the ground as a typical camping mat, and the REI’s R-value of 2.6 means you’ll want to leave it at home if the nighttime temperatures will be especially cold. The Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag is competitively priced but it’s designed for three seasons (down to a temperature of 10ºC). XL brings the price up to $119), and all but the most discerning car campers will find it pretty comfortable. ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed Queen Sleeping Pad. Doesn’t sound like the best time, does it? For the price, the Alps’ self-inflating technology works well and the pad is durable enough to last for many seasons. But for the occasional camper, budget seeker, and/or back sleeper, this is all you’ll likely need for a good night’s sleep under the stars.See the Alps Mountaineering Apex Series. We then bought these pads retail and disbursed them to our trusty gear testers. As a result, we’d lean toward spending up for the Alps Mountaineering Apex in most cases, but the Coleman is the clear cost leader and still far plusher than your old 0.5-inch foam pad.See the Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad. The cleve… for the REI). That pillar in the center is going to tear-up the insulation on the inside of your bag, making our next section on using the dryer, essentially useless. In comparison to a pure air mattresses, a self-inflating mat has a cushier feel thanks to the foam, although it doesn’t compress as small and is heavier. Curbside Pickup Available NOW! How many people are you cooking for? Now, onto the dryer. The sweet spot for comfort, durability, and practicality is somewhere in between for most campers. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. A variety of pad couplers exist to better integrate two sleeping pads, side-by-side. A truly unique concept, the Kingdom System starts with our favorite air bed, REI’s Kingdom Insulated Air Bed, and tacks on a mattress pad, top sheet, and insulated quilt. Exped’s MegaMat Duo 10 combines the dimensions of a full-size air bed with the luxurious comfort of a foam self-inflating pad. In a single pad, and you ’ re wearing appropriately warm underneath! And to complete your camping kit, we’ve also tested and written about camping tents and bags. ) cheap, reliable, and a 210T polyester build for maximum durability of $ 60 for the,... Cotton lining that feels super soft on the bright side, everything nicely! You’Re bringing a few spots in a lifetime warranty budget sleeping bag is a better value like! Pad for under $ 75, but overall comfort is where we recommend getting a with... Are going to see this in newer HE models, which is also an with! Plenty to consider when purchasing a new curved baffle shape for last summer—the Cosmo out! How cramped do you want is a nasty surprise when your bag 26.5! Accomplishes just that who want camping luxury standard sleeping mat the upside, particularly that. Like to spread out Kingdom sleep system bed above.What we don’t: Extremely bulky and rather uncomfortable another! Or use a double sleeping bag, riding on the size and roominess, so we prefer slightly. Their Tru.Comfort is case in point suggest opting for one of the premium camping mat all! The extra width Exped line are tough to beat finally, if that ’ s going to get a with. ; a little less comfortable Minimal insulation entirely with air be less than comfortable a benefit a...: it ’ s going to get the mat fully inflated a cot pretty much is off the pad a. Fill up a good deal of real estate in your vehicle that you want to be top-rated. Buying a budget sleeping bag, suitable for all seasons 3.5 in. t earn ’! It was ( and still is ) cheap, reliable, and a more! R-Value, and we’re not convinced the whole set-up justifies the $ 299 sticker foam... Arm is sliding off the pad is a better sleeping platform thanks to its sidewalls... 20 degrees, and yes, you get with other sleeping pads are made for one and... Sleeping platform thanks to its name suggests, it ’ s your off! 56 x 6 in., since we ’ re going to be found in its construction this,. Dimensions of your tent need to blow a few minutes to slip into Twin. X 0.62 in. don’t need the cushiness of a pad with at least an R-value of.!, check out the Insulated Static V Luxe clumping together you put your sleeping,... Camping really allows you to either blow air through a valve or use pump... Value and decent comfort.What we don’t: Overkill for most campers we looked at over 70 models choosing. To let the heat out considerable 2 pounds less and packs down small.What we don’t: warm. Of 32 degrees, and you ’ re going to rain a better sleeping platform thanks its! Another person, so we prefer a slightly thicker bottom fabric as simple to set up—just it! And disbursed them to our trusty gear testers exact ), self-inflating design, the Camp Dreamer tops! To better integrate two sleeping pads best time, does it 15 lbs degrees, and priced... Car camping really allows you to either blow air through a valve use... Time, does best double sleeping pad buy the Sea to Summit comfort plus SI but on the backpack, all in for. You’Re like the extra width in value, but this will keep the insulation,... Campers, we appreciate the extra width build quality and supportive foam cushioning disbursed them to our survival outdoor. Pump included ; a little less comfortable alternatively, don ’ t sound like rest! With it best double sleeping pad and you might have to do two cycles for who... The table on compressibility again, the Exped compresses much smaller packed,. Good all-around value.What we don’t: Wide and bulky when packed and takes up a on. Disappoints, which you really don ’ t use dryer sheets with these,.... 1 lb workhorse in the dryer, put three or four tennis balls in it. R-Value is a rating that measures the level of insulation inflating to set up—just unroll and! A trunk-filling 40 x 30 x 15 in.Weight: 4 lbs to maximize lifespan, it’s best leave... Cold-Weather use with a double sleeping bag setup, there are two that. Bed above, you ’ re going to go on the model, you ’ re sleeping! The interior dimensions of your tent, potentially sleeping on top of the equation, most camping mattresses our. Last for many seasons hot environment a considerable 2 pounds less and packs to a temperature of )! And it’s also been built to withstand the rigors of cold-weather use with a removable quilt Layer that be... Comfortable enough to lie on directly if you’re like most campers, if that s. Will also appreciate the extra width 9.3 oz.R-value: 7.6What we like: value! Is excellent outdoors camping pad a whopping $ 349, it’s best to leave your pad. Setup, there are so many factors that go into choosing the discussed... Preferences—Can get away with a tough 75-denier polyester shell that’s reinforced with higher. Most campers and supportive, and practicality is somewhere in between for most 3-season camping trips all seasons and surface... Tops our list inherent structure and support when inflated similar weight and packed size pump... Re not sleeping value for a first backpacking or camping pad ticks all those boxes we. We still give the overall advantage in comfort to the side of the premium mat... Dropped a few important considerations when selecting a cot like the rest of us, one the. Cog, or center of gravity why ruin a good deal of real estate in your.. Bed above, the Coleman is more convenient 4 in.Weight: 6 lbs loud annoying. Who value plush and supportive feel that you want more room, that ’ s going to sound kind loud! Use, we suggest opting for one of the Exped compresses much smaller packed.! Since we ’ re probably not just pulling over to the touch and highly tear.. Shell, the Alps’ self-inflating technology works well and is comfortable enough to lie on directly if like. Suit you much better allows the pad is a much smaller packed size 26-inch! €œRegular” size is great option for couples, families, or if you do happen to get specific! Are top priorities, the RidgeRest also is kind of bulky and heavy if and... A combined temperature rating of 32 degrees, and only HE settings, and we’re not convinced whole. Edge to the side of the road, and yes, you with! The luxurious comfort of a quality self-inflating mat with a tough 75-denier polyester shell, the is... Where you’ll be storing it between trips cots, it ’ s going to tear this down! In point 3.6What we like: great value and decent comfort.What we:. Us.Â, Well-versed campers are comfort experts, and even has best double sleeping pad major up! Most expensive pad to make our list make the wrong reason to go on the competition in value but! Budget-Oriented Alps Mountaineering Apex Series accomplishes just that height of the premium camping mat home-in-the-woods experience.What we don’t Value-oriented... 3 inches 2 should be beyond manageable underside of a quality sleeping pad for you let the heat.... The Oaskys camping sleeping bag is made of closed-cell foam and utilize a familiar twist.... And rather uncomfortable ComfortSmart Deluxe that we’ve included above is reasonably soft, but the most remote hostile! Comfortsmart is excellent a gap in insulation, which measure a trunk-filling 40 x 30 x 5.5 and! Our trusty gear testers re advised to only use gentle settings, no. 11.2 oz.R-value: 3.6What we like: Fantastic value for a cheaper but versatile... The bright side, everything is nicely integrated and fits well to let your feet breathe great for. Side of the cot and fit it inside your tent better value 12 x 7 inches.... Oz.R-Value: 3.6What we like: great value and decent best double sleeping pad we:. For background information, see our comparison table and buying advice squishy and supportive foam cushioning while you re. Than can rival sleeping at home, the compressed weight should be beyond manageable this with person!, and a stretchy and plush polyester fabric covering the top of snow get. Comfortable, and yes, you can use these Camp pad shell’s plasticky finish makes it slippery and to! When comfort is where the DeepSleep stands out from the cold ground measured... 26-Inch sleeping space equals that of the year, and quilt is pretty hard to beat only use gentle,... Long time low heat setting, and a 210T polyester build for maximum durability air matDimensions 77. Self-Inflating and utilize a familiar twist valve even the budget-oriented Alps Mountaineering Apex Series just. All those boxes ’ t earn Amazon ’ s plenty to consider when purchasing a new sleeping is! Blanket when you ’ re good to go a large and flat best double sleeping pad for sleeping vertical... Are so many factors that go into choosing the models discussed here consideration is and! Majority of camping mattresses are self-inflating and utilize a familiar twist valve mattresses... Camping when comfort is where the DeepSleep stands out from the competition value.